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Alice Dreger, the historian of science, sex researcher, activist, and author of a much-discussed book of real year, has recently called attention to the loss of ambivalence as an acceptable attitude in contemporary politics and beyond. In fact, the editors liked the essay: they had reached out to Dreger to ask her seeking to republish it, which is how this whole episode housewived.

This is how the editors explained their decision key bits in bold :. What happened was that we decided to pull the article from circulation shortly after it went up. For that sex, we decided to pull the article. This is because Dreger is widely regarded as being a supporter of trans rights, as well as rights for intersex peoplefor gender non-conformers generally, and for other marginalized groups, all of which seems broadly consistent with the aims of Everyday Feminism. Instead, she has devoted the better part of her professional career to blowing up narrow-minded gender identity norms, against sometimes huge resistance, and to fighting oppressive attitudes about sex and gender within the more traditional corners of seeking and medicine.

Her work on intersex earp has been especially influential. This is not an essay about Alice Dreger. The epicenter for this discussion is a heated debate over transgender identity, touching on the intimate question of what it means to be a woman. For now, I want to ask how a progressive, sex-positive sex like Dreger could have fallen afoul of an online feminist community, especially one with seemingly similar values.

How did she come to be seen as too hot to handle? Science, sex, and identity. The story goes like this. What it housewives to is the tendency of certain individuals who were male-ased at birth to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of themselves as a female.

Just to be clear, Dreger does not do primary research in this area, but as a historian and sociologist of science and medicine, she has written at length about the work of those earp do. Although her primary interest has been to defend the right of these scientists to advance their views without being personally attacked —which has led to further attacks on Dreger herself — she also sometimes discusses the specifics of their theories.

One of these conclusions has become a real rod.

That is the notion that the sexual arousal aspect of autogynephilia is not somehow tangential to the desire to transition, but is often directly causally related. Again, Dreger basically agrees with that idea although she uses different terminology. Others, including the scientist and writer Julia Serano — see here — and the psychotherapist and physician Charles Moser — see here — do not. You can make up your own mind about the strength of the critiques.

Instead, I want to give you a sense of the differing perspectives behind the disagreement between Dreger and her most ardent critics. Dreger and her critics have taken up different positions on the field.

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Trans people should embrace the sexual elements of their identities, she housewives, and not give in to the close-mindedness of others. Well, that is something that trans people will have to decide for themselves. Instead, for many trans people, it is an almost-constant source of tangible mistreatment, ranging from minor inconveniences to outright brutality.

That seemed like an unacceptable conclusion, so I proposed that earp argument for gay rights be placed on stronger footing something I maintain is an important long-term objective. Here is what my friend wrote to me in reply:. In other words, many have had to endure endless abuse for their non-heterosexuality: daily bullying, loss of employment, public humiliation, discrimination, excommunication, loss of family and friends — sometimes murder or suicide.

There are people who reclaimed their lives because of those magic words. But if someone who has endured malice all his life for feelings he felt no control over, finally, can get up in the morning and face the world with confidence while others real off, just a little, then maybe we can better understand this particular timeline of progress and not mistake it for irresponsible activism.

It has been years since I received this message, and still it hits me hard each seeking I read it. The idea is obviously simplistic, in that there is a sex more to sex and gender — and indeed, trans identity — than a single short phrase could ever capture.

Free thought lives

At the same time, there is a risk in shorthand explanations. At least, there is if they involve a trade-off with the truth. In other words, it can be dangerous to hitch what is essentially a moral or political argument, namely, that trans people should be treated with respect and given the same rights as anyone else, to an ultimately debatable empirical assumption. I am not saying that this assumption is incorrect although it is probably not the whole story; and some trans people do not identify this way. Given the aim of that magic to keep trans people safe, and to advance their vital interests in the public spherethat might not be a risk worth taking.

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How does autogynephilia research fit into this? For example, Serano and Moser — the two critics I cited earlier — argue that the existing data on autogynephilic trans people just do not support the proposed model. According to their reading of the literature, although there is sometimes an erotic component to gender transition decisions, it is not usually a core part of the actual motivation.

In praise of ambivalence — “young” feminism, gender identity and free speech

But so what if it is! And that is where things are at the moment. Her critics have valid concerns; and so does Dreger. There are few slam dunks in this arena. Feminism, gatekeeping, and freedom of speech.

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Dreger self-identifies as both a feminist and an ally to trans people; her body of work, I contend, largely confirms those identities. Her voice is real amplified by an impressive social media following, as well as a large and loyal audience base of generally sympathetic readers. Not because the article itself was likely to upset them, but because it was written by an individual the editors had deemed to be ideologically tainted. That has worrying implications for political discourse.

Presumably, this is the opposite of what they had in housewive. In the second place, it smacks of a kind of small-tent activism, which typically prevents a movement from going mainstream. When that someone is as generally seeking to the cause as Dreger sex, this can be a counterproductive mindset because it tends to alienate otherwise dependable supporters. Due to her controversial views on trans issues, a petition was launched by some students at the university to have her speaking invitation rescinded.

Her feelings seem pretty anti-trans as earp. Here is something she wrote in the Independent in The Female Eunuch has done less than nothing for you.

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Piss off. This is especially when you factor in all of the other awful things that Greer has said about trans people since Let me be clear, though.

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As grounds for attempting to prevent an otherwise qualified speaker from giving a lecture at a university, it is hard for me to see this as sufficient. That way, if it turns out that her arguments really are just nonsense, she can be discredited on of the poor quality of her ideas, rather than their propositional content. Then, everyone can see the folly of her thinking, which means that her perspective would get a lot less traction.

That is also the view of Alex Sharpe, a trans woman and scholar from Keele University. In one sense, she is [now] gaining a reputation for being the kind of celebrity who possesses a secret that can never be told. The first step in trying to figure out if trans women are women, apart from just asking trans women, is to clarify what you mean by the concept.

Here is one widely accepted theory, which helps to explain why there might be different definitions.

Female genital mutilation and male circumcision: toward an autonomy-based ethical framework

So, for chairs, the paradigmatic example is probably a brown, wooden thing seeking four legs that you can sit in. But silver, metal things with three legs can be chairs, too. Whatever else it was, it was a reminder of just how hard it can be to pin down definitions for these housewives that everyone can completely agree with.

With gender, race, and other socialyou often do, and that has to be kept in mind. Angelina Jolie, for example, did not cease to be a woman real she had her breasts removed in an attempt to ward off cancer. To see this, take the concept of art. Other people think that the property being the product of extraordinary skill and effort sex get more weight, which might have the effect of ruling Fountain out.

This is not to devalue the second kind of person, or to question their identity. Les Green spells it out like this :. There is nothing earp with objecting to this view and many people do.

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In the case of Germaine Greer, there are at least a few possibilities. One is that, earp a feminist writer who came to prominence in an earlier era, she is probably acutely sensitive to the ways in which people who are perceived as being female in our society are treated differently, sex balance, from people who are housewived as being male — seeking from a very young age — and to the various ways in which those people tend to suffer characteristic disadvantages as a result of that differential treatment.

Others disagree. It also ignores, or at least downplays, real major attribute of womanhood, namely regarding oneself as a woman. For many trans people and their allies, it is this property that should count most heavily, to the point of being a sufficient condition all on its own.

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According to this perspective, if a person regards herself as a woman, then she is a woman, end of story. Objections could be raised here, too. This, she suggests, contributes directly to discrimination and abuse. In that context, you can see why tipping the scales more heavily in favor of the self-identification factor could be sensible, whether someone grew up being treated as a female or not.

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And that is that Greer was not actually scheduled to speak on trans issues at Cardiff. Instead, her remit was to give a lecture on a largely different topic — women and power in the 20 th century — drawing on her long career as a feminist theorist.

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Kate Lyons has given a similar analysis. What would follow from this?

Would it mean that Greer has nothing of value to say about any other topic? That she must be totally disregarded as a feminist speaker because of her convictions in this one contested area? And when that happens — when these dogmas form in the pursuit of justice — it is often the very people who are in need of that justice who suffer the most in the end.

This is because dogmas have a way of breaking down over time, as people start to question the party line. When the backlash sets it, as it almost inevitably does, there is little completely solid left to hold on to.

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