Virgin curious dating guy for naughties

Name: Olivia
Years old: 24

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Thread Tools Thread Tools. I'm unsure where to put this post at, but if it is in wrong area then I apologize. I've mentioned here on the forum that I'm 24 years old and consider myself bi curious. I am a virgin still. I never attempted to date anyone guy or girl in my life.

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And anyone could read myas posts here, you'd get a feel for my past and everything. I did have crushes towards girls I liked and the random sexual fantasies towards girls and ladies and everything, but I never made an attempt to ask a girl out. And then were points I had some feelings towards close guy friends and everything.

And then the whole feelings developed alongside time, I had feelings towards girls. I'm not gay per se, but I consider myself bi curious. I haven't really pursued dating but there was the thoughts I wanted to.

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I'm 24 year old and I just feel kind've of fucked up mentally regarding not dating when I was in my teens-early 20s. So I feel some of this bittersweet feeling when I see younger couples straight or gay walking around together at my college or bars I would go to. Maybe it's a bittersweet or jealous feeling I have.

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It's life I mean I reached some awareness of being bi curious when I reached some peak of my sexual feelings towards guys not all guys the past Spring. I mean I feel fucking confused on things: to experiment a while through my 20s with "mostly straight" guys or just maybe have some hook ups with women and maybe the occasional experimenting with a guy.

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I'm confused to how to approach my sexuality. I have some bi curious sexual awakening, when I acknowledged I had sexual feelings towards guys that "fit my preference" or really close male friends I was with.

I have masturbated looking at images of women; I have masturbated thinking about some random homoerotic fantasy or have homoerotic fantasy involving close male friends. Or the brief turn on passing a guy that fit my preferences.

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I do get turned on passing women I find as "hot. I have had brief moments where I have been really affectionate towards close guy friends see my other posts for more info. But everything I've done the past few years, I never really settled down and found the right relationship.

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I've been friends and such, but I haven't found the person I wanted to settle down and be with forever. I almost had that when I was with someone I had felt was almost a best friend. I mentioned a lot here about my friend Travis and everything.

I felt some really strong platonic and emotional and some moderate sexual feelings towards him. And the closeness. He wasI was We spent time together, we had good and bad times together.

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We hugged each other really close. I ran my hand and petted his hair and he didn't complain or objected while we hugged, that feeling was really strong for me. And I felt like he enjoyed it. And people would want to, if he and I "hooked up"?

No we didn't, as he's with a relationship with a girl. I can live with that, but I felt that "relationship" with Travis, was the beginning of some sexual awakening. I almost had a three some with Travis, his FWB close female friend, and I; I was begining to realize I had sexual feelings towards close close male friends or guys that had some attractions I felt towards.

The things I feel really fucking confused over is what to do: 1.

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I don't know how to pursue a relationship 2. I never dated. I really want to know how to approach a dating thing towards girls or straight guys. I'm unsure if I should just have sex with bi curious guys or women or what. I feel somewhat conflicted or confused of what my sexuality is.

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I know I don't see myself as purely straight or gay. I feel that I'm within that specturm. I do see myself inclined to experiment with some sexual relationship towards guy that fit my preferences or attraction towards and women as well.

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But I just won't want to do something and I feel to assume that "I'm gay. I don't want some label to mark me forever. Considering your questions one or two at a time Show Ignored Content. Your name or address: Do you already have an ? Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

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