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Name: Geralda
Years old: 21

Once you have started, you have to go on. Of course, you could ignore the first one - but how many of us have willpower that strong?

I'm talking flirty office s here. Saucy, provocative yet subtle, but most definitely not rude. Oh no, that would be far too vulgar.

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They can be fun and flattering, should be literate and witty, must be grown-up, and could be carnal in a subtle way but can't go any further than cyberspace. Most of all, they must never forget that you're both At The Office.

Understanding fine line between flirting, friendliness in the office

So even if the office police were looking in, the s would pass their scrutiny, because the police aren't clever email to decode them. I will admit to an addiction to amusing and flirtatious s. But that's because they have rarity value for me - the sudden flirty shines like a beacon through the fog of office drudgery.

In the daily maelstrom of tediously worded bureaucratic s, the Niagara of office cliches, blizzard of illiterate press releases, barrage of pointless new directives, hail of stinging email for office s to be paid immediately or else - the one-liner which makes you smile will flirt its flirting magic.

Before we got married, that is," sighed my friend Vivienne. However, the finest flirty s are certainly not from people you would ever be married to - what on earth has marriage got to do with the flirting For example, my company-wide request for someone email tall to open the top window in our room resulted in this. Later this ly unknown person offered, "I've taken vows of celibacy, poverty and obedience.

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In other words, I'm married. The trick with a email good is that it must be very short, so cannot be construed as time wasting. It must be amusing. And you need a long gap between them - at least a day but a week is flirt. Don't get trapped into a series of quickfire clever s, you will be exhausted by 5pm trying to think up new witty and flirty things to say.

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table tennis burns itself out, while a careful, stylish correspondence email simmer on for months, offering both parties long-term office diversion and amusement but thankfully without attracting gossip or censure. Some ers rely heavily on Oscar Wilde, mining his one-liners and adjusting them. You deserve it. But Flirting can't be too sincere.

That would be fatal. Why do we like "personal" s?

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Because the office is a functional place where actual flirty banter is not encouraged. The fun acts as a personal reassurance that you are an individual and not just a password on a screen.

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A flirty isn't a cascadenot a "to all at the company" bromide, not a cc-five-other-people missive, but a personal and intimate exchange. According to Judi James, author of Sex At Work Spiro Press" has created a whole new medium for office flirting and for those flirt a poetic turn of phrase, can be used to great effect.

This correspondence is email to consenting adults only. Plus, you are supposed to be at work to work, so that's something to think about as well.

There isn't anything flirty there. It's just an office thing.

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You've read too much into it, as usual. Diana Cambridge. Reuse this content.

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