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Rio de Janeiro is very touristic.

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One of the reasons is the good temperatures throughout the year. Moreover, there is a lot of natural beauty with the mountains and the beaches so close together. But is it any good for seduction? During Carnival, as well as tourist high season, it gets very raunchy.

There are half naked girls parading during the daytime at the beaches, and also at night in the city streets.

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However, the off-season is a whole different matter altogether. When the tourists go home after high-season and carnival, a lot of the fun also leaves the city. Ipanema is more upmarket and has sexier girls than Copacabana. However, it is a family neighborhood and not a party area.

On the other hand, Copacabana is a much more affordable neighborhood to stay in, and here you can easily get a decent Airbnb room for the same price as a hostel bed. In the far end of Copa cabanayou have Leme. This is a slightly better and more tranquil area than central Copacabana which is dirtier and busier. On the other hand, at the far end of Ipanema, you find Leblon beach.

This is a very upmarket area, with very beautiful women when the sun is shining. Leblon has very good bars, but not really any nightclubs.

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I initially thought Leblon is part of Ipanema, but in reality there is a river separating Leblon from Ipanema. Other areas include Botafogo, a residential middle-class neighborhood with a few nightclubs and bars. There is not much to see there. I met a gringo who got robbed at gunpoint 11 pm at night wandering alone in a quiet side-street of Botafogo. Thus stick to the well-lit main ro of Botafogo at night. Next, Santa Teresa is a small bohemian neighborhood in the center of the city. Lapa close to Santa Teresa is a dirty neighborhood, fine for walking through during the day, but pretty much like a slum at dating.

I spent janeiro night partying there without drinking. When I got home that night I puked my guts out. It may be due to the super-strong chili sauce in the Burrito I ate. Gavea is next to Ipanema and Leblon, but further away from the beach. There are a few sit-down bars and restaurants. Rio is a relaxed and laid back city. You can never over-generalize but as in any city — some women will be more open to your cold approaches than others. Along with the more laid-back cool rio, there will also be a few bitchy girls mistaking you for a sex tourist if you try to start a friendly conversation.

Women are proportionally more indigenous looking in Rio than in the cities of Southern Brazil, e. Copacabana girls are somewhere in-between Ipanema and Downtown, on the looks scale. Women in Rio tend to be in shape.

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They love to go to the beach and show off their hot bodies with thongs. In those places, overweight girls are less likely to feel shame due to not being in good shape.

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This has truth for the poor girls who live in the slums. If you want to date girls from the favelas, go for it. They are forward sexually. For the hot girls, you still need game.

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And a little Portuguese will help as well. But this strategy only works in tourist season. During the off-season, you have to bring your best game if you want to go for the educated, more well-off, good-looking local girls. Keep an open mind with the girls you meet in Rio. And on a date, a local Rio girl may behave differently than e. Thus, as always make the move and go for the kiss on the first date. First date hookups is very normal in Rio.

If you are after tourist girls, know that there are two types of single female tourists in Rio. Or otherwise, treat everything like a date including dating janeiro movesand see if she sticks around and rio your interest.

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In addition, Urca is a very picturesque and safe area to explore by day, with a little bit of female and natural beauty as well. The best central shopping mall is Shopping Rio Sul, close to Copacabana. You could meet one or two girls there sporadically.

Next, go to Lapa and Santa Teresa for a couple of hours of daytime sightseeing. Otherwise, simply walking in the streets of Copacabana neighborhood, there are always one or two cute girls passing by. At times you can walk far without scouting any talent. Ipanema neighborhood is much better for daygame.

However, Rio has good beach game. This is my favorite form of game in this city. For beach game, Ipanema is very good. I especially recommend Leblon beach. Girls often tan in groups.

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Work on introducing yourself to groups of people, and do more social circle game. Check out the Couchsurfing janeiro beach meetup, or go to the beach with friends from your hostel. It also datings to fit in during beachgame. The girls are chilling there in their thongs. So the least you can do is to at least try to fit in with your environment.

During the 2nd half of April my first visitI noticed that you can theoretically do beachgame every day. The downside is that during the week, the attractive girls were few and far between. From May I experienced the weather getting more cloudy on some days and thus the beach was even emptier. Being Summer, the city felt rio vibrant and sexy, right before Carnival starts around 1 March I could feel the anticipation.

Thus, there is some spill-over from Copacabana onto Ipanema. At the same time, during the week, there is a spill-over of hot tourist girls from Ipanema to Copacabana. This is because Copacabana is less congested during the week, thus also safer and more laid back.

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Thus tourists can catch some sun close to their hotel rooms in Copa. I especially noted this on the side of Copa next to Ipanema and the Arpoador. When Ipanema beach gets too congested on weekends during tourist season, you could also take the metro train to Barra da Tijuca. Since Rio has tropical weather, there are a few warm but rainy days in February.

During these days, the beaches are basically empty. Copacabana is mostly like 1 and 3 above.

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While Ipanema specifically Leblon is 4. As I mentioned above, Lapa is a slum, especially at night. Recently, in FebruaryI decided to give Lapa a second chance. Most stay away. New Mariuzinn Copacabana is another clubbing option. I went inside on a quiet night, and it seems like it has a decent floor area. Lastly, I was surprised when a normal sit-down bar in Copa added a cover charge to the bill for both me and my date on a Saturday night.

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